“Mike, I’d LOVE to make a course but don’t have anything to teach” – Most People

I’m gonna say ‘you are wrong’. Everyone has something they could teach someone … in a course format.

One of my favorite parenting quotes is ‘Trust yourself, you know more than you think you do’. As a (somewhat) seasoned parent I agree 100% with that.

Let’s Find Your Niche

I want to help you find something to teach. We’re going to do this in two ways.

  1. Investigate what you currently do.
  2. Find a topic that you could learn, then teach.
  3. Random topic list. (list of ideas you can cherry pick from and create a course)

What You Already Know

Think about something people ask you about all the time.

  • How you keep your grass so green.
  • Where you find such great deals online.
  • How you cook your amazing brownies.

Chances are you’ve found a system, a hack, at doing something in your life. Something that you could teach others. That others would pay to learn.

What You Are Trained In

We spend a lot of time and money learning skills. Whether it’s at a school, through a book, an online course.

We end up with degrees, with credentials in that field. We are looked at as an authority.

I spent 10 years working in publishing. I understand what it takes to make a book profitable, how to market a book, get it distributed. I have knowledge about the publishing industry that others want and need. That’s what sparked my site Military Marketing.

What are you skilled in?

  • Nursing … and go a bit deeper. Is it dealing with dementia patients? Kiddos?
  • Accounting. This is what my degree is in and I’ve realized that most people need help here. With their business, personal money. And there’s LOTS of people online teaching accounting, and making good money.
  • Mechanic. What are you good at fixing? Motorcycles? Jeeps? You can monetize that. Just do a quick search on YouTube.

Find a Topic to Learn

But Mike I don’t have any of those skills?

Not a problem. I’ve come across many courses from people who wanted to tackle a topic, then teach that to others.

Even bestselling books follow this model. One in particular is how Tim Ferris writes his books. Four Hour Chef was based upon Tim’s research, trial and error, for cooking. He then documents this in a book which goes on to hit the NY Bestsellers list.

What’s something you are personally motivated to learn? Deep dive into it, then teach it.

Topics to Teach

Here’s a list of topics to teach. I’ll explore how I got these in a future blog post.

  1. Pet Care (training, care, maintenance)
  2. Dog (training, care, maintenance)
  3. Cat (training, care, maintenance)
  4. Horse (training, care, maintenance)
  5. Parenting (generic)
  6. Potty Training
  7. Disciplining Kids
  8. Kids and Chores
  9. Software Training (Take a particular program (Photoshop) learn it, then reteach it)
  10. Piano (how to play)
  11. Guitar (how to play)
  12. Podcasting
  13. Graphic Design
  14. Budgeting
  15. Speaking
  16. Photography
  17. How to Use ______ App
  18. How to Use ______ Website
  19. How to Use ______ Software
  20. SEO
  21. Facebook Ads
  22. Social Media
  23. Website Design
  24. Website Building
  25. Email Marketing
  26. Presentation Skills
  27. Presentation Slides
  28. Instagram Photography
  29. Instagram Marketing
  30. Interviewing
  31. eCommerce
  32. Kickstarter
  33. Leadership
  34. Team Building
  35. Fitness (Workouts)
  36. Yoga
  37. Storytelling
  38. Analytics
  39. Blogging
  40. Editing (video/audio)
  41. Mentoring
  42. Painting
  43. Martial Arts
  44. Writing a (Book/Movie)
  45. Couponing
  46. Project Management
  47. Publishing on Amazon


Browse the catalogs at Lynda, Skillshare, and Udemy. Look for gaps. Or look for courses you could make better.

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